John Bussanich


Photo: John Bussanich

Philosophy Advisor

Phone: 505 277-2405
Office: Humanities 555


Co-Editor & Reviews Editor ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY.

Teaching Interests:

Greek Philosophy, Philosophies of India, Presocratics, Socrates, Plato, Neoplatonism, South Asian Mysticism.

Recent Publications:


  • The Bloomsbury Companion to Socrates
  • The One and its Relation to Intellect in Plotinus


  • “Rebirth Eschatology in Plato and Plotinus,” pp. 243-288, in Philosophy and Salvation in Greek Religion, ed. Vishwa Adluri, De Gruyter, 2013.
  • Ethics in Ancient India
  • The Roots of Platonism and Vedanta
  • Review Essay: Plotinus on Self: The Philosophy of the “We.” By Pauliina Remes. Cambridge University Press, 2008.
  • Socrates and Religious Experience
  • Plotinus on the Being of the One
  • New Editions of Iamblichus
  • Philosophy, Theology, and Magic: Gods and Forms in Iamblichus
  • Socrates the Mystic
  • Mystical Theology and Spiritual Experience in Proclus’ Platonic Theology
  • Plotinian Mysticism in Theoretical and Comparative Perspective
  • Review of Peter Kingsley, Ancient Philosophy, Mystery, and Magic: Empedocles and Pythagorean Tradition. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1995
  • Plotinus' Metaphysics of the One
  • Mystical Elements In the Thought of Plotinus
  • Eric Voegelin’s Philosophy of Mythology
  • Realism and Idealism In Plotinus
  • The Invulnerability of Goodness in the Ethics and Psychology of Plotinus
  • Plotinus on the Inner Life of the One
  • The Limits of Rationalism in Socratic Philosophy
  • A Theoretical Interpretation of Hesiod's Chaos