Welcome to Religious Studies at UNM! The Religious Studies program trains undergraduate students to think critically about religion, in New Mexico and around the world, as integral to the past, present, and future human experience. We study the importance of religion on its own terms, and as a force that affects many fields of human activity, from law, politics, and economics, to health and medicine, family life, literature, and the arts. Religious Studies teaches the reading, writing, and thinking skills essential to a liberal arts education. With its attention to diverse peoples, ethical and moral systems, and ideas and institutions that make up human life, Religious Studies is excellent preparation for law, medicine, education, non-profit work, or ministry. UNM Religious Studies majors also go on to obtain M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in religion, at institutions across the country.

In addition to a major, students can pursue Honors in Religious Studies. Students can also add Religious Studies as a Second Major or as a Minor. Trying to meet your gen ed requirements? The Religious Studies program offers four courses that as part of the general education curriculum:
RELG1110: Introduction to World Religions
RELG1550: Religion, Health, and Medicine
RELG1220: Eastern Religions
RELG2120: Western Religions