Photo:  Wolne

Daniel Wolne




  • Ph. D. in Philosophy from The University of New Mexico 1997


Dr. Dan Wolne has been a faculty member of the Religious Studies Program at UNM for more than 2 decades, with the rank of Principal Lecturer, and recently served as Interim Director of the Program. He received his Ph. D. from UNM's Philosophy Department in 1997, with an emphasis in non-western and comparative Philosophy. He teaches a range of courses, from large intro sections of Living World Religions, to a selection of upper division classes. These include the capstone class in Religious Studies entitled Theories of Religion, a class on contemporary Atheism, a class on Early Daoism, a class entitled Religion and the Body, and a recently developed online class in comparative mysticism. His current areas of scholarly interest include the religious character of Wokeism and Social justice movements, the scholarship of teaching and learning in the field of Religious Studies, the Cognitive Science of Religion (including Evolutionary Psychology and its relation to religious belief and behavior), and the New Atheist movement.